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Technical Product Information | 2010-10
Axial Angular Contact Roller Bearings
High load carrying capacity with very small cross sections

Cycles & electric cycles

Frame/saddle "wing" mounting

Mountain bikes are highly suitable for use on remote made-up roads, in forested areas or in the mountains. Travel over rough terrain places certain demands on the bearings in the mountain bike: they must be insensitive to contamination and spray water and they must be able to absorb shocks that act on the mountain bike during travel along unmade paths or as a result of jumps.

INA axial angular contact needle roller bearings (AXS) are ideally suited for reinforcing the critical support points between the “wing” mounting and the frame. The AXS gives a long service life under high load levels. Since it has line contact rather than point contact, it gives considerably better support to the connection than a ball bearing would and has a higher load carrying capacity.

The bearing gives high frame stability, increases service and ensures that the cycle conveys a solid and thus reliable feel to the rider.