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Corporate social responsibility

Old age home visit by Schaeffler India Management & Employees

The Schaeffler Group continues the social responsibility of all group companies and sees this as a prerequisite for lasting corporate success.

The Schaeffler Group’s Code of Conduct is based on the principles of the “Global Compact”, “The Global Sullivan Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility” and the standards of “Social Accountability International”.

The basic principles described here constitute a minimum standard for us and do not affect country-specific additions that are based on the relevant cultural circumstances.

  • In the Schaeffler Group, work safety and environmental protection means implementing comprehensive, long-term preventive measures to ensure responsibility for man and the environment.
  • Work safety and environmental protection is a fundamental part of our management principles. We aim to ensure the continued existence and success of our company by establishing and maintaining a safe working environment that promotes the health and performance of our employees as well as taking active measures to protect the environment.
  • Regardless of the activities we are carry out; we endeavor to minimize environmental impact by taking suitable measures in advance. We consume raw materials and energy sparingly and make every effort to minimize waste, waste water, noise, and other emissions. We manufacture environmentally-friendly products taking into account the entire product lifecycle.
  • We hold regular information and training sessions to ensure that our employees and business partners have the expertise and knowledge to carry out their work safely and with the minimum of environmental impact in all areas of the company.
  • In recent times, FAG provided free lunch in Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity. Volunteers from across the business unit came forward to help the cause. In another such occasion Employees also volunteered in conducting a health awareness camp in association with the Baroda Heart Institute.
  • The rural development drive gave us an opportunity to reach the under privileged children and donate dtudy Bbenches, chairs and boards to rural schools in Gujarat.
  • On the other side of the country, LuK donated a decent sum to the ‘Smile’ foundation by adopting the educational responsibility for children. It also distributed old computers to the Government schools and donated the left over uniform cloth materials to the orphanages.
  • Very recently, the union leaders from the production unit initiated collection of funds and clothes in house, which were later donated to an orphanage near Hosur.
  • This year INA decided to celebrate the auspicious occasion of ‘Dussera’ with the under priviledged. This year we distributed boxes of sweets at all the three orphanages near by. In another act of humanity, INA invited voluntary contribution from employees for donation to the cancer ward of a hospital.