Schaeffler India


Employee development cycle

Talent management aims to assure long-term covering of crucial key positions and to bind in-house talents with specific development prospects.

The Schaeffler Asia-Pacific Development Program targets the following goals:

  • Enabling the achievement of organisational goals
  • Enable business growth
  • Moving into new markets
  • Addressing current skills shortages future skills requirements
  • Attracting and recruiting key staff
  • Retaining key staff
  • Developing high potentials
  • Growing future senior managers
  • Out perform our competitors

Schaeffler believes in continuous improvement – not just in the product and services, but also in each employee.

The Human Resources teams across countries have a synchronised effort towards enhancing skill levels and thus, the performance. Strict evaluation techniques operate across organisation levels to ensure that the new-learning is implemented at workplaces and converted into practical time bound action plans. One such critical effort is the Integrated Personnel Development Circle. These are time and content-wise harmonized systems and tools for targeted employee development.

An open dialogue session between the employee and his/her immediate superior promotes mutual trust and understanding between themselves and also leads to long-term prevention of misunderstandings and conflict. Employees understand assignment decisions and development opportunities and can work according to their capabilities.


Leadership development

One of the approaches towards leadership development is the Essential Leadership Program (ELP) & the Advanced Leadership Program (ALP). The objective is to make available leadership development programs for various levels of upcoming managers and leaders. The process is owned by the L&D team and is facilitated by one of the well known Trtaining consultancies in the world.

ELP provides a holistic view of fundamentals of management such as essential communication skills, managing performance, project management, team management etc.

ALP is more inclined towards advanced Lleadership skills such as Change Management, team enhancement, mentoring & coaching, inspirational people leadership etc

World wide initiative: MOVE

MOVE is a Lean Manufacturing concept which shifts focus from capacity utilization to a demand driven philosophy.

MOVE is our top priority in the region and a great step forward for the Schaeffler organization. MOVE is our “way towards lean and customer- oriented processes” and will require a strong individual investment from each employee to assure its complete success.

MOVE aims to cover the entire organization, as it sets its targets in all areas, from production to purchasing, sales and development. More concretely, it focuses on customer satisfaction, lead time, inventories and efficiency of all processes. This will lead to synchronization with both our external and internal customers.

The path we have embarked on states its clear objectives in the four MOVE principles:

  • Employees take personal responsibility
  • Avoid waste
  • Error-free processes
  • Synchronization with customers

The drive encourages employees to set qualitative and quantitative targets for self as well as their department/function.

The MOVE Academy has so far conducted live-simulation workshops and training for over 200 representatives and is going strong! This key initiative is already showing remarkable results such as:

  • Improved planning process in sales controlling,
  • Reduction of through put time in SCM,
  • Cost saving in SCM by reducing interfaces to mention a few.

How do all these initiatives help me?

Initiatives like MOVE, VIKAS, UTKARSH etc. call for volunteers and management representatives across the Schaeffler Group – for leading the drive, participation, Llearning and contribution of new ideas. Many such ongoing activities would give you additional experience, exposure to newer concepts and ofcourse the fun of working with cross-departmental colleagues!