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What is in for Student Trainees?

Apart from educating and grooming technicians/trainees, Schaeffler India takes pride in technically grooming large batches of Diploma/Engineering pass-outs in technical and commercial streams. This includes all summer trainees, engineering internships, Mmanagement project trainees etc.

Learning involves class room sessions, hands-on practice on simulation machinery, On-the-job training, internal examinations and internal-guest lectures. Thus, providing the incumbent with a wholesome experience of not just his/her subject of study, but the organisation’s functioning and culture as well.


Project "Utkarsh"

INA Bearings initiated Project "Utkarsh" for the blue-collared employees. This was a series of learning sessions focussing on Change Management, work-discipline ethics and loyalty, team work, MOVE and 5 S, thus uplifting the group to global levels of performance and precision.

In another way this project also gave them the opportunity to exhibit their knowledge and ability to perform at higher designations.

Project "Vikas"

"Vikas" (progress), an initiative at FAG in Baroda, focuses at enhancing personal effectiveness & productivity improvement, especially for the blue-collared employees.

In a two-day training program, the faculty imparts knowledge on enhancing personal effectiveness and improving productivity through Lean Manufacturing system. "Vikas" is based on the principles and the foundation of Lean Manufacturing systems, such as Single piece flow system, pull & push principle, TAKT principle, SMED ,SPC, Control Charts, TPM, Poka Yoke & Mistake Proofing, Kanban, Value Steam Mapping etc.

Learning and growth go hand in hand for all levels of employees at the Schaeffler Group.

Project "Personal Touch"

Luk felt an urgent need to realign the thought processes of all our stake holders of the company, in view of the sweeping changes happening in the market.

Office bearers of the unions are very important in this process as they are the opinion leaders and can make a shaping influence in the Industrial Relations climate of an organization. This is not just at a knowledge and skill level, but on an attitudinal level.Hence, the training for these groups was carefully planned and executed with a lot of sensitivity and care. These programs were handled at a psychological level with “adult learning” methodology with a free and transparent mode with opportunities for self explorations in a non- discourse fashion.

The Target group comprised of Technicians predominantly Union Office bearers and opinion makers. A two-day supervisory development workshop for all the supervisors was conducted to make them aligned on the objectives and teach the group dynamics and people management skills. Simillarly a two-day experiantial workshop for the workmen were conducted. The work shop was mainly focussed on free flowing interaction, group exercises and case analysis. This was intended so that they learn to identify, capture and support the transformation process.

Technology specific learning at CoCo (Center of Competence)

Schaeffler owns the rights to nearly 20,000 patents and patent applications. Approximately 2,100 inventions are registered for patents every year. These achievements are based on consistent scientific research. Hence technology and product innovation are of prime significance to us.

CoCo says “In Schaeffler we don't learn in a day, we learn daily!”

The CoCo initiative targets both engineering support and related technical training. This encompasses Aapplication engineering / Project work, Failure analysis and support of sales force and application engineering.

CoCo invites internal faculty to deliver branch specific training modules.

This typically covers - daily work on actual cases with application engineering, a review of interesting cases in regular technical meeting and experience sharing. The subject matter expert would ensure transfer of competence and knowledge transfer through 11 weeks of rigorous class room and simulation training; where each day concludes by an evaluation paper for each student.

CoCo coverts an engineer into a "Technical Commando" – ready to face new markets, confront new technical challenges and with the ability to take customer raised questions and issues head-on.


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