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Schaeffler India

What is the future of Schaeffler India?

Our leaders emphasize the great importance of new investments: “Asia remains one of the regions in the world with the highest increases in growth and sales for us in the long term. The growth rates across all industrial segments have been enormous during the last few years. By expanding our existing manufacturing locations and constructing three new factories, we are strengthening our profile and our presence in the Asian economic region. Customer proximity as well as developing and manufacturing our high-precision products for engines and transmissions in the automotive sector and system solutions for industrial applications are important factors for systematically utilizing the opportunities for growth in this region.”

“The increasing demand for high-precision products that save energy and increase efficiency in vehicle construction and applications in the renewable energy sector focusing on wind power must also be mentioned as an example. The current program of investments will increase our participation in the economic and technical progress of Asia even further than ever before.”

“Innovation has been at the core of Schaeffler’s philosophy to provide to our customers cutting edge technology which has enabled us to grow and at the same time remain competitive globally."


The major trends that will influence and guide the activities of Automotive Industry are:

  • Innovation - the focus will be on increased fuel efficiency and compliance to stricter emission norms, increased safety, comfort and infotainment.
  • Value for money - the target will be to discover and serve a new customer segment of the market, “the middle class” which will be the core of the economically developing society in general and which will have dedicated transportation needs.
  • Service - Warranty guarantees as well as maintenance and repair offers, over time also a means to generate customer loyalty.

It comes as no surprise that our joint success in this dynamic market will highly depend on our joint ability and smartness to foresee and respond to our customer’s expectations in a tailored way: Fit for purpose!

The Schaeffler Group will invest around EUR 300 million in Asia during the next few years in order to systematically further develop its existing operations in the largest growth region.

We are building one new plant in India, and will also expand our existing plants to enhance our capacities and grow our product portfolio.

Research and development capacities in India will be expanded to provide cutting edge technological solutions. We are in process of setting a state of the art research and development centre in India to support our customers in Asia Pacific region.

We all are well aware that India is likely to remain a small-car market in the long run. The launch of new and comparatively advanced hatchbacks along with the tax advantage for small cars will persuade customers to choose hatchbacks over equivalent sedans.”

What are the newer technology and products you are planning for customers in India?

Most of the products and solutions available with Schaeffler globally are available to customers in India. Due to volumes and cost factors some products are imported while others locally manufactured. In order to meet growing demand of our Indian customers, in the most advanced Generation C Ball Bearings and Large Size Bearing technologies that will support Indian customers in reducing friction and in enhancing efficiency. With Large Size Bearings we will provide advanced solutions to wind energy, power sectors and to railways.

What is the significance of Indian operations in the overall set up of Schaeffler Group and how do you see it changing going forward?

Schaeffler group’s globalization footprint, Asia Pacific is one of the key regions in the world where increase in growth and sales will be highest for us in the long term. The growth rates across all industrial segments have been enormous during the last few years. In order to serve and provide exceptional services to our valued Indian customer base, we have committed to make concise investments to construct extravagant engineering and manufacturing resources in Asia. Nevertheless, our activities in other parts of the world are equally important as Schaeffler has followed a balanced and global perspective.

The Schaeffler Group will invest 154 million EUR in India during the next few years in order to systematically further develop its existing operations there. By expanding our existing manufacturing locations and constructing one new factory, we are strengthening our profile and our presence in India.

What sets your company apart from others in your industry?

With INA and FAG, Schaeffler India has one of the widest product portfolios in the rolling bearing industry, covering nearly all applications. The joint catalog of standard products include more than 40,000 products, catering to 60 different industrial sectors. INA and FAG also offer a comprehensive range of services for advice, diagnostics, maintenance and mounting rolling bearings and complete systems. With state of the art manufacturing facilities & our know-how when it comes to mechatronics, materials & lubricants have made us sought after, reliable partner for all customers around the world.

For more than 40 years, LuK has been synonymous with strength of innovation, customer focus and quality for numerous products in the automotive drive-train. In India LuK is one of the leading players in the clutch segment with more than 22% of the market share and maintains a strong focus on innovations.

Schaeffler India to reach 1 Billion Euro in Sales in 2020!

“We want to grow to 1 Billion Euro in 2020”. Our leaders are promising a steep growth over previous years and a great future ahead!