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Health Care

Mobi-Health project

In India, costly health care pushes millions below poverty line every year and denies care to many who are already poor. Therein the idea emerged to work towards improvements in the delivery of public health services.

Through our initiative, we demand inclusion of the most marginalised in the delivery of quality health care services.

Under this initiative preventive and curative health care services are provided through Mobi – Health Unit at selected 25 villages of Savli and 26 villages of Padra and Sindhrot block.

The mobi-health unit is fully- equipped with state-of-the-art technology including systematic Management Information System (MIS) to store patient information and plan community programs. The mobi-health unit provide free of cost necessary health care services at the doorstep of beneficiaries through periodic visits. They further address beneficiary requirements like providing nutritional dose, referrals and their follow up with proper consultations and adequate medical care facilities. Professionally trained MBBS Doctor, Nurse, Lab technician, Data entry operator and Counsellor cater to the primary medical needs of the patients.

Since inception, over 200 beneficiaries are covered on monthly basis. Most of the families were previously utilising services of non MBBS Doctors in the vicinity for health care needs. Schaeffler India’s intervention has now provided them access to services from qualified professionals.


Mobi-Health Services

Curative Services

  • Treatment of minor ailments, first aid
  • Referral of complicated cases
  • Early detection of TB, Malaria, Leprosy, etc. other locally endemic communicable diseases and non - communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cataract cases etc.

Reproductive and Child Health Services

  • Ante-natal check up related services e.g. iron and folic acid tablets, basic laboratory tests such as haemoglobin, urine for sugar and albumin and referral for other tests as may be required. Referral for complicated pregnancies
  • Post-natal cheek up
  • Immunization clinics/camps in coordination with Govt. set up - Sub-centers, PHCs
  • Integration with Mamta Divas activities at Sub-Centers and Anganwadi centers
  • Treatment of common childhood illness such as diarrhea, ARI/ Pneumonia, complication of measles etc.
  • Specialised health camps in schools, anganwadi centers and for special vulnerable population groups
  • Adolescents care such as lifestyle education, counselling, treatment of minor ailments and anaemia etc.

Family Planning Services

  • Counselling for spacing and permanent method;
  • Distribution of oral contraceptives, emergency contraceptives;

Awareness generation through Information Education Communication (IEC) aid

  • On health topics including; personal hygiene, proper nutrition, hazards of tobacco, diseases, RT/STI, HIV/AIDS


Utilising an opportunity to provide livelihood as well as ensure menstrual hygiene for rural women by creating compete social enterprise model.

The project aims at inculcating best menstrual care and hygiene practices for women’s empowerment being at the heart of the movement. The emphasis is on “de-stigmatising menstruation” to move forward and reclaim the fundamental right to life, equality and dignity for women.

Target group: Adolescent girls in the age group between 10 to 19 years & young mothers


  • To spread awareness among adolescent girls on menstrual hygiene
  • To increase access to and use of high quality sanitary napkins by adolescent girls in rural areas
  • To ensure safe disposal of sanitary napkins in an environment friendly manner through installation of incinerators
  • To sensitise girls on issues concerning their reproductive health, thereby empowering them
  • To empower them for greater socialisation

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