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Metering devices

FAG Arcanol range of greases and FAG Drum pump.

Lubrication devices

Metering devices

Pistol grease guns

Pistol grease guns have a 4 digit digital counter that displays the lubricant quantity in grams. The specific mass of the lubricant can be set.


Service pumps for wind turbines

These service pumps, are particularly suitable for the relubrication of bearings in wind turbines. They comprise a rigid frame with rollers, an electrically driven grease pump, a holder for the grease container and a pistol grease gun with a 4 m long hose.

A hook and eye on the frame can be used to transport the service pump securely into the nacelle. The rollers, one of which can be anchored, can be used to move the device within the nacelle. The service pump can be used at temperatures from +10 °C to +40 °C. The greases Arcanol LOAD400, LOAD460 and MULTIPTOP in 12,5 kg buckets can be used for filling.


Grease pumps

Grease dispensing units ARCA-PUMP, see table, are used for the metered greasing of rolling bearings. The metering range is between 10 cm3 and 133 cm3 per stroke. Larger metering ranges can also be achieved by operating the device several times. By means of a pneumatically driven, double direction piston pump, the medium is conveyed directly from the grease container (25 kg or 180 kg) via the metering valve to the application point.

A grease dispensing unit comprises:

  • a cover
  • a piston
  • a metering valve
  • a hose connecting the pump and valve
  • a hose, 2,5 m long
  • a metering pistol

Drum pumps
Drum pumps ARCA-PUMP-BARREL are pneumatically driven and suitable for delivering large quantities of grease under high pressure over long distances. Drum pumps can be used either as delivery pumps for individual greasing stations or as a supply pump for central lubrication systems.

The following accessories are available for the drum pumps: drum cover (dust cover), follower plate, high pressure delivery hoses and pistol grease guns.


Lever grease gun and reinforced hose
The lever grease gun can be used to manually relubricate rolling bearings via lubrication nipples.

The container on the lever grease gun can be filled with 500 g loose grease or by means of a 400 g cartridge. The cartridge must correspond to DIN 1284 (diameter 53,5 mm, length 235 mm).

The lever grease gun is connected to the lubrication nipple via a reinforced hose. The reinforced hose must be ordered separately. The connector thread is G1/8. The reinforced hose has a hydraulic grip coupling for connection to the taper type lubrication nipple in accordance with DIN 71412.

Alternatively, the reinforced hose can be fitted with a connector for cylindrical lubrication nipples in accordance with DIN 3404.

In place of the hydraulic grip coupling, slide couplings for button head lubrication nipples in accordance with DIN 3404 or other nozzles can be connected. These connectors are available from normal trade outlets.