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Graphic Annual Report 2010

Turning 50 is an important milestone for an organisation. It is time to reminisce the past, review the present and reflect on the future.

As we look back at half a century of enriching experiences and continuous learning, we are reminded of pleasures and pains of growth and of collective resilience that ensured that the organisation not only survived many difficult and uncertain times but emerged stronger after every crisis.

Indeed, these 50 years have been a testimony of trust.

It is time to pause for a while and express our gratitude to the shareholders, customers, suppliers, business associates and to our employees for the immense trust and confidence they have showed in us at every stage of this eventful journey. It is also time to reflect on the future - a future that promises to be both exciting and challenging.

Rapid economic growth of India opens up many exciting opportunities. At the same time success in a globalised environment demands that the organisation has cutting edge competence in terms of its product, process and people capabilities to be able to fulfill ever increasing customer expectations.

The next 50 years will be vastly different from the past 50. As we strive hard to propel the organisation into the next orbit, we realise that sustainable success in future demands a fresh transformational approach of an enduring great company.

While we celebrate the success, we remind ourselves of the long journey ahead. We know that we have to build organisational excellence, step by step. This will demand courageous leadership and committed teamwork - day after day, year after year.

With our vast experience and ever forthcoming support and guidance from Schaeffler in all fields, we at Schaeffler India have confidence, courage and optimism to shape our destiny.


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