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The basic philosophy behind an endeavour towards better corporate governance is to achieve business excellence. The Company believes that Teamwork starts with the Board and continues to the various levels of the Management. It is based on a common understanding that real teamwork is only possible where people trust each other and Trust can only grow where we treat each other transparently, openly and fairly.

Induction, orientation or familiarisation programmes are part of our Culture and applicable to all layers of management and the Board Members, which are designed based upon the position / Job requirements.

Guided by the principles laid down on the Corporate Governance under the Listing Agreement, SEBI Regulations and the Companies Act 2013, these familiarisation programmes aims to provide insights of the Company, including; nature of Industry in which the Company operates, Business Model of the Company, Relevant information on Business Processes and Roles, Responsibilities, Duties and Rights of Independent Directors.

Familiarisation Programmes

At the time of appointment, a formal letter of appointment is given to the Independent Director, which inter alia states the role, function, duties and responsibilities, which an Independent director is expected to perform.

Independent Directors are provided with necessary documents / brochures, Memorandum & Articles of Association and copies of internal policies, Shareholding patterns, information on promoters and Group, to enable them to familiarize with the Company’s procedures, policies, guidelines and practices, with which Company does its operations.

The Board and Committees’ members are apprised through presentations / discussions, on periodical basis on the Business performance, Economic and Industry Trend, global business environment, business strategy, Risks & Compliance Management System and Critical Business Processes.

The Directors of the Company have access to the information relating to the Company. Independent Directors may interact with the Company’s Key Managerial Personnel and seek any information they need to discharge their functions effectively.

Time to time visits are arranged to Company’s premises and Workshops are conducted to enable them to understand the operations of the Company as well as to seek their inputs, contributions etc. for the benefit of the Company.


These Programmes shall be uploaded on the Company’s website for public information and a web link for the same shall also be provided in the Annual Report of the Company.

Details of Familiarisation Programmes imparted to the Independent Directors

Terms & Conditions of Appointment of Independent Directors

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