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Plain bearings

Technical Product Information | 2017-10
Metal/Polymer Composite Plain Bearings
Maintenance-free Low-maintenance Special designs, special materials


Catalogue | 2016-03
Plain Bearings
Spherical plain bearings Rod ends Plain bushes Thrust washers, strips


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Maintenance-Free Plain Bearings

INA Metal-Polymer Composite Plain Bearings

INA metal-polymer composite bearings are a cost-effective alternative for many industrial and automotive applications. All bearings are lead-free and, therefore, environmentally friendly. Different innovative material combinations ensure a large variety of materials.

(1) Running-in layer, (2) Sliding layer, (3) Steel backing, (4) Tin layer as surface protection

Maintenance-free E40

E40 is the Schaeffler Group’s new sliding material for maintenance-free metal-polymer composite plain bearings. There is no lubrication requirement over the entire operating life. The sliding layer is based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with embedded chemically inert additives. The triple layer material comprises the steel backing, the sliding layer and the running-in layer (see graphic).

The steel backing has a sintered porous tin-bronze sliding layer with pores that are filled with the dry lubricant of the running-in layer.

Technical advantages:

  • Suitable for dynamic contact pressures up to 140 N/mm2
  • Can be used in hydrodynamic applications
  • Can also be used in water due to high moisture resistance
  • Small design envelope
  • Sliding speed of up to 2.5 m/s.
(1) Rib mesh, (2) Sliding layer

Special materials – Maintenance-free film type bearings E60

The Schaeffler Group supplies film type bearings with material E60 by agreement: This material is based on a lattice structure in which a sliding layer comprising PTFE and additives is rolled and sintered. The lattice serves both as a backing and a sliding layer.

There is a sliding layer containing PTFE on both sides so that the sliding movement can take place on the inside and the outside of bushes. A further advantage of this material is its easy formability. Typical applications for film type bearings are fittings and tools as well as hinges.


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