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Electronics Solutions for Electric & Hybrid Drives

The consumption and emissions targets of the future can only be fully met through electrification of the drive train. As a result, Schaeffler offers solutions across the full bandwidth of electrification options - from 48 Volt hybrids and plug-in hybrids to purely electric vehicles. This broad spectrum of knowledge makes Schaeffler an expert partner to the various markets and customers

Systems for electric axles

3in1 electric axle system (coaxial)

Schaeffler offers a broad portfolio of electric drive systems as part of the current transformation process. Innovative electric axle drives in parallel axis or coaxial design are developed for this product range.

The Schaeffler 2in1 electric axle system can be expanded into the Schaeffler 3in1 electric axle system by integrating a power electronics unit. The power electronics contain the system’s intelligence and are primarily used to control the drive. Furthermore, the power electronics control the actuation of actuator output stages such as the decoupling, gear selector, or parking lock functions.

In addition to outstanding efficiency and NVH performance, Schaeffler’s electric axles offer very high flexibility and scalability so that the entire range from compact cars to sports cars can be served.

Hybrid drive systems

The hybridization of conventional drive systems is one option for offering efficient, sustainable, and needs-based mobility. Schaeffler’s hybrid drive portfolio ranges from mild hybrid to full hybrid applications based on the degree of electrification. We can offer modular and integrated solutions.

An innovative, complex technological solution for hybrid vehicles is e.g. the Dedicated Hybrid Transmission. The electrical machine is integrated into the transmission and thus improves the overall efficiency of the powertrain. In the case of high volumes, integration offers benefits in terms of costs and package size.

Dedicated hybrid transmission

Other electronic solutions for automotive systems

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