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Electronics Solutions for Engine Systems

Components from Schaeffler help engines use less fuel and meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations while ensuring enhanced driving comfort and vehicle dynamics, as well as extended maintenance intervals and service life.

Variable Valve Train

Fully variable electrohydraulic valve train system UniAir

From bucket tappets to the fully variable UniAir valve control system, Schaeffler offers a comprehensive modular system for variability in the valve train. Supplemented by decades of expertise in vibration damping, a high level of driving comfort is ensured with customized operating strategies, such as cylinder deactivation or special valve lift curves.

The optimum interaction of technologies and products is a decisive factor in further reducing fuel consumption and emissions. In this respect cross-functional cooperation between the specialist areas of engine systems, transmission systems, chassis and electromobility and the resulting unique know-how enables Schaeffler to offer leading edge solutions to the automotive industry.

Cam phaser

Cam phasing systems are elements for variability in the valve train and help to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions. They optimize valve timing over a wide load and speed range of the engine, thereby also increasing dynamics and driving pleasure.

Schaeffler's electromechanical cam phaser adjusts the camshaft even faster and more precisely to the respective engine operating conditions. It functions independent of temperature and engine oil pressure and it reacts extremely fast. With the aid of electromechanics, it is possible to adjust the camshaft at a speed of up to 600 degrees crank angle per second. The increased adjustment range enables modern, highly efficient combustion process concepts.

Electromechanical camshaft phasing unit

Thermal management

Thermal management module

The thermal management of the entire vehicle architecture is becoming more critical as the drivetrain becomes increasingly electrified. Rapid temperature control of the components optimizes the internal friction of combustion engine drives and prevents CO2 emissions, especially during the warm-up phase.

In electrified drives, priority is given to the battery's condition and the potential to provide as minimal additional heating as possible for safety, comfort, and performance without affecting vehicle range.

The thermal management module from Schaeffler provide fast and targeted regulation, controlling the cooling circuit directly and precisely, in accordance with the requirements for reducing Real Driving Emissions (RDE).

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