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Electronics Solutions for Transmission Systems

Recent years have seen the development of several new types of transmissions that have already made it into volume production. Automated manual transmissions, double-clutch transmissions and CVTs have joined the “classic” manual and automatic transmissions.

Applications designed for alternative drive systems, such as hybrid drivetrains, round off the spectrum of future transmission designs. With its innovative components and systems, Schaeffler Automotive is significantly advancing the development of all types of designs and concepts in pursuit of increased driving comfort and reduced fuel consumption.

Double clutch transmissions

Solutions for double-clutch transmissions

Schaeffler is a vital technology partner for the automotive industry in the development of new transmission designs. Recent innovations such as automated manual transmissions and double clutch transmissions offer comfortable operation and dynamic performance while reducing fuel consumption.

Another concept is the hybridized double clutch transmission, a concept used in hybrid drives. By integrating an electric motor, all the hybrid features – such as the start-stop function, regenerative braking and the ability to downsize the internal combustion engine through a booster function – are available without adding extra components.

Automatic transmissions

In addition to supplying the complete set of bearings for shafts and gears as well as planetary gear sets, Schaeffler also offers components for automatic transmissions. By combining hydrodynamic converters and electric motors, Schaeffler is offering a key technology which should help ensure further growth of hybrid drives.

The CVT is a very convenient solution for high-density traffic with widely varying driving speeds. The increasing worldwide requirements with regard to emissions and fuel consumption also make a very strong case for the use of CVTs: The continuous adjustment of the gear ratio without interrupting the tractive force means that the engine can always be operated in the section of the data map that is most favorable in terms of fuel consumption. The fuel consumption figures that this produces are on the same level as those of manual transmissions operated in the ideal manner. Hybrid concepts can also be optimally combined with CVT components.

CVT transmission

Other electronic solutions for automotive systems

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