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Your drink is as unique as you are. Just like solutions we develop for you.
We pioneer motion

We pioneer motion to advance how the world moves

Motion and mobility are key factors for successfully meeting our global challenges. Our success will depend largely on our ability to rethink and produce pioneering solutions for motion and mobility. We design both rotary and linear motion, in automobiles, machines, wind turbines, and many other industrial applications. This passion for technology and innovation has always been a core element of our DNA, and it is precisely this pioneering spirit, together with our courage and curiosity, that continues to drive us forward.

Company's strategic priorities


Success is not a question of size, but of agility. Especially in a world where speed is of essence.

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Sustainabilty isn't only on our agenda. It's at the heart of everything we do.

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Your drink is as unique as you are. Just like the solutions we develop for you.

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Vision, Mission & Values


We are a select automotive and industry supplier that leads with innovation, agility, and efficiency.


We develop and supply innovative and intelligent components, systems, and services that enable sustainable mobility and motion.


We have distilled all the aspects into four core values: Sustainable, Innovative, Excellent, and Passionate. These values are the cornerstone of everything we want to achieve with our strategy.

How do we pioneer motion?

How We pioneer motion?
We pioneer motion

Our purpose in today’s environment is therefore just as relevant as it was at the beginning of our almost 75-year history. It tells us why we are here, and how we respond to the global challenges of today and contribute to building sustainable value for our stakeholders and society as a whole. It also offers our people a sense of meaning and identity, particularly in times of major and constant change.

To remain a genuine pioneer in increasingly dynamic and complex environments with changing customer needs, we will have to keep developing as a company and become even more innovative, agile, and efficient, always putting our stakeholders at the center of what we do.

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Products & Solutions

  • Leading automotive innovation

    The Automotive Technologies division specializes in creating precise products by employing sustainable and groundbreaking technologies for various vehicle categories, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, off-highway applications and future mobility. Our commitment to innovation and prioritizing customer satisfaction has established us as the preferred partner for India's leading automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

    Schaeffler's precision products play a vital role in reducing fuel consumption and emissions, thereby facilitating the transition towards sustainable mobility.

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    4in1 electric axle for electric mobility

    Schaeffler has introduced the innovative 4in1 electric axle for electric mobility

    Schaeffler's focus on electric mobility is evident through the simultaneous launch of multiple new electric axle drives.These drives, including the 4in1 electric axle, integrate the thermal management system, electric motor, power electronics, and transmission into a compact and lightweight unit, improving efficiency and comfort.

    Additionally, they have introduced electric beam axles as well for pick-up trucks, expanding their offerings for automobile manufacturers, particularly in North America. With a commitment to individual components and complete systems, Schaeffler aims to bring electric drives to the market in high volumes.

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    Mobileye Drive™ system

    Schaeffler and Mobileye join forces to advance self-driving shuttles

    Schaeffler and Mobileye, an Intel Company, have formed a long-term collaboration to develop autonomous shuttles and self-driving transport solutions. With the combination of Schaeffler's rolling chassis and Mobileye Drive™ system, the aim is to create a flexible platform offering Mobility-as-a-Service and Transportation-as-a-Service solutions.

    By integrating Mobileye's AV technology with Schaeffler's chassis, they plan to rapidly scale autonomous transport solutions. The versatile rolling chassis can be customised for various applications, while Mobileye Drive™ ensures robust perception and decision-making for safe self-driving.

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    e-mobility and chassis applications

    Schaeffler Group launches software tech centre in India to strengthen the global e-mobility portfolio

    Schaeffler, a leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors, inaugurated its software development centre in Pune, India.The new facility, part of Schaeffler's R&D network, will focus on software and electronics for e-mobility and chassis applications, reinforcing the company's commitment to sustainable and electrified mobility.

    With an investment of 10 million euros, Schaeffler aims to make India a primary location for their software and electronics development, contributing to its position as a pioneering force in electric drive solutions.

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    World Rally Championship

    Schaeffler's Compact Dynamics revolutionizes World Rally Championship with the hybrid system

    Schaeffler's subsidiary, Compact Dynamics, pioneers the hybrid era in the World Rally Championship (WRC) by equipping all vehicles with an innovative hybrid system. Schaeffler was also involved in the Formula E electric racing series and played an active role as a pioneer in shaping the championship from the very beginning.

    They have successfully integrated their motorsport expertise into volume production, revolutionising the DTM series and developing cutting-edge electric concepts. The WRC's demanding races serve as an ideal testbed for innovative technologies in extreme conditions worldwide.

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    fuel cell bipolar plates for global mobility and energy solutions

    Symbio and Schaeffler partner to launch Innoplate, a joint venture for fuel cell bipolar plates.

    Symbio and Schaeffler established a joint venture in France to produce fuel cell bipolar plates for global mobility and energy solutions.The partnership aims to strengthen the European hydrogen mobility value chain, accelerate production, enhance performance, and create over 120 jobs.

    Innoplate, the new company, will supply Symbio and Schaeffler exclusively, enabling the mass production of next-generation bipolar plates. The joint venture will contribute to clean mobility and the transition to sustainable energy resources.

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    Schaeffler's award-winning ball bearing reduces emissions and extends the range

    Schaeffler's award-winning ball bearing reduces emissions and extends the range

    Schaeffler has now developed a special high-performance ball bearing with an integrated centrifugal disc.This disc helps lower CO2 emissions in vehicles with combustion engines and hybrid powertrains. The patented technology is expanding to new applications, supporting sustainable mobility.

    Thanks to their high-performance ball bearing, which offers longer service life and conserves material and weight, the company was awarded the 2022 German Innovation Award. Schaeffler's expertise in bearing technology continues to contribute to advancements in electric drives and transmission systems.

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  • We keep industry in motion

    Our Industrial division takes the lead in providing innovative bearing solutions, actively contributing to the future through the adoption of emerging digital and mechatronic technologies. The division offers an extensive range of bearing solutions, encompassing high-speed and high-precision bearings with compact dimensions, as well as large-size bearings spanning several meters in width to various industries. Our emphasis is increasingly placed on intelligent products and the integration of components.

    Furthermore, the Industrial business extends the offerings to include a diverse array of maintenance services, tools & refurbishment of bearings that helps our customers to save then cost of manual maintenance by reducing a risk of machine’s unplanned downtime.

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    Large Size Bearings Refurbishing Center in Jamshedpur

    Schaeffler India launches Large Size Bearings Refurbishing Center in Jamshedpur

    Schaeffler India inaugurates a state-of-the-art Large Size Bearing Refurbishment Centre in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, in partnership with Premier Bearings India Ltd. The facility aims to deliver efficient and sustainable solutions and offer bearing reconditioning services to industries like mining, metal & minerals, pulp & paper, railways, and the power sector.

    This initiative promotes cost-saving, reduced downtime, extended bearing life, and a positive environmental impact through the reuse of materials. The centre follows Schaeffler's global guidelines and reconditioning standards, ensuring high-quality service.

    PREMESY receives Smart Technology Innovation of the Year

    Schaeffler's PREMESY receives Smart Technology Innovation of the Year at the Wind Future Award 2021

    Schaeffler's preload management system, PREMESY, won "Smart Technology Innovation of the Year" at the ASEAN Wind Future Awards 2021, reinforcing their commitment to a sustainable future. PREMESY monitors bearing preload in wind turbine systems, enabling predictive maintenance, and maximizing reliability.

    With Asia Pacific emerging as a key region for renewable energy, Schaeffler's investment in PREMESY supports increased energy generation from renewable sources. Their expertise and comprehensive solutions contribute to the economic and reliable generation of renewable energy, aligning with their sustainability strategy.

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    InnoRail India

    Schaeffler showcases localised products and innovative solutions for high-speed railways

    Schaeffler India Limited showcased its localised product portfolio and condition monitoring solutions at InnoRail India 2022.The focus was on demonstrating technological innovations and advancements for high-speed railways. The company aims to enhance the railway industry's reliability, safety, and efficiency, invest in localisation plans, and explore export opportunities.

    Schaeffler has established itself as a trusted development partner, providing cutting-edge solutions for high-speed rail applications and contributing to a sustainable and efficient mobility future.

    Schaeffler's online platform, Medias

    Schaeffler’s all-in-one platform merges e-commerce, knowledge base, and product catalogue

    Schaeffler has enhanced its online platform, Medias, for faster access to comprehensive information.It now offers selection assistance, configuration tools, and an improved ordering process. The platform features simplified navigation, responsive design, and localised content in 11 languages. Users can utilise Medias for product information, while Medias Plus offers additional benefits like wish lists and quotation requests.

    Medias Business caters to Schaeffler's sales partners and customers, providing full access to consultation tools and commercial features. The platform continues to expand as a central knowledge hub.

    Lifetime Solutions and precision products at IMTEX 2023

    Schaeffler India showcases their Lifetime Solutions and precision products at IMTEX 2023

    Schaeffler India presented their flagship Lifetime Solutions and core competencies at IMTEX 2023. With a focus on machine tools and automation, their comprehensive product range and localised production reduce delivery lead time while the high-precision bearing products and partnership with Schaeffler Industrial Drives offer application-optimised solutions.

    The company aims to improve productivity and digitalisation through quick centre and digital solutions. They also focus on enabling faster data storage and analysis, optimising machine performance, and asset management with Schaeffler OPTIME lifetime solutions.

  • We deliver a best-in-class service

    The Automotive Aftermarket Division is accountable for delivering data-based services and cutting-edge plug-and-play solutions for transmission, engine, and chassis systems of superior quality, under the renowned brands LuK, INA, and FAG. We provide extensive and hands-on training to garages, aimed at improving the skill set within the repair network, thereby establishing stronger connections with our customers.

    Schaeffler TruPower, a project initiated and executed completely in India, has become a flagship brand in a short period of time. It offers a comprehensive range of lubricants, wiper blades and two-wheeler batteries.

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    Schaeffler TruPower wipers

    Schaeffler TruPower launches premium-grade wipers

    Schaeffler India's Automotive Aftermarket division introduces premium wiper blades under the Schaeffler TruPower label. Designed for superior wiping performance and visibility in any weather, the range includes both framed and frameless options - Premium Plus and Ultra-Premium.

    With advanced features like graphite-coated rubber and aerodynamic wind spoilers, these blades ensure durability and safety. Available for over 1,300 vehicle models, Schaeffler’s priority is to offer state-of-the-art products with advanced durability to customers.

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    Consolidation and Distribution Centre in Hosur

    Schaeffler India unveils Consolidation and Distribution Centre in Hosur

    Schaeffler India inaugurates its largest Consolidation and Distribution Centre (CDC) in Hosur. With advanced technology and infrastructure, the state-of-the-art warehouse covers 100,000 sq ft and serves as Schaeffler's largest external warehouse in the Asia Pacific region.

    The CDC is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, modern safety features, and automated operations, enabling improved material handling and sustainable practices. The facility, operated by a third-party logistics provider, utilizes various equipment for smooth operations and has a high-capacity rack system for distributing automotive and industrial products.

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    REPXPERT Mobile Aftermarket Technical Training Van

    Schaeffler flags off REPXPERT Mobile Aftermarket Technical Training Van

    Schaeffler leading industrial and automotive supplier announced the flag-off of the second leg of the REPXPERT Mobile Aftermarket Technical Training Van.

    The REPXPERT training van will cover thirty-six key cities over a period of 90 days. The van is a center of advanced knowledge in areas across transmission, engine, and chassis systems. The training van returns after its first successful run in 2019.

    Puneri Paltan

    Schaeffler India sponsors Puneri Paltan for Pro Kabbadi League

    Schaeffler India has sponsored the Pro Kabaddi League team, Puneri Paltan, as an Associate Sponsor.

    This will be the second consecutive year of the association with the club. Under the sponsorship, Schaeffler will appear as the “Powered By” partner for the Puneri Paltan team across various platforms; and the company logo will be visible on the back of the official team jersey.

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    TruPower Batteries

    Automotive Aftermarket introduces Schaeffler TruPower Two-Wheeler Batteries

    The Automotive Aftermarket division of Schaeffler India recently unveiled its latest innovation, the Schaeffler TruPower Two-Wheeler Batteries. These state-of-the-art batteries are specially developed for two-wheeler applications, leveraging superior VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) technology to ensure the trouble-free running of the vehicle.

    The Schaeffler TruPower 2-Wheeler Battery Range boasts several innovative features that make it a standout choice for riders seeking superior performance and durability.

  • Paving the way for sustainable growth

    We strongly believe that a holistic approach is important to ensure long-term success and feasibility of our company. We acknowledge the interdependence between our prosperity and the welfare of all those involved.

    Further to our robust financial performance, we have made significant strides in our ESG journey since embarking on it last year. As part of our strategy to create shared value, we are making sustainability integral to our operations.

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    Jal Sahara project

    Schaeffler India's Jal Sahara project was honoured with CSR Impact Award at India CSR Summit 2022

    Schaeffler India received the prestigious CSR Impact Award for the rural development project - Jal Sahara, part of their flagship CSR brand HOPE. The project benefited over 2168 people in Satara District, Maharashtra, bringing 1400 hectares of land under watershed development.

    The initiative tackles the challenges of climate change, water scarcity, and crop failures through rainwater harvesting, construction of check dams, and soil conservation measures. The project has already conserved 223.37 TCM of rainwater and significantly increased farmers' income.

    Social Innovator Fellowship Program

    Schaeffler India's Social Innovator Fellowship Program recognises 11 outstanding ideas

    Schaeffler India selected 11 winning ideas from 150 entries for its Social Innovator Fellowship Programme, supporting initiatives in education, health, and the environment. The winners received financial support, mentorship at a top business school, and collaboration opportunities. The jury, including industry experts and social entrepreneurs, applauded the transformative solutions.

    Under the umbrella initiative HOPE, Schaeffler India have consolidated their focus on Healthcare, Occupational Skills, Preservation of National Heritage, Art & Culture, and Empowerment of Society. The engineering scholarship initiative aligns with the company's commitment to education and empowerment.

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    HOPE Scholarship

    Schaeffler India promotes empowerment with the HOPE Scholarship for budding engineers

    Schaeffler India launched its fourth edition of the HOPE engineering scholarship programme, providing financial aid of up to INR 75,000 to economically disadvantaged engineering students.

    The programme aims to empower them for a brighter future.The online applications opened from August 12 to September 15, 2022, while the results were expected in October 2022. This initiative reflects Schaeffler India's commitment to empowerment through education under their HOPE CSR brand.

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     Ms Sumithasri Eranti

    Schaeffler India appoints Ms Sumithasri Eranti as Chairperson

    Schaeffler India appoints Ms. Sumithasri Eranti as the new Chairperson of the Board. With over 25 years of experience in business leadership and technology, she brings valuable expertise.

    Ms Eranti takes over from Mr Avinash Gandhi, leading the company's growth and driving its focus on innovation. Schaeffler India looks forward to the fresh perspectives and leadership that Ms Eranti will bring as the new Chairperson of the Board. This appointment also reflects the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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    Railsponsible Supplier Award 2021

    Schaeffler receives Railsponsible Supplier Award 2021

    Schaeffler has been honoured with the Railsponsible Supplier Award 2021 in the "Climate Change and Circular Economy '' category for their innovative 100% return service for axle box bearings. This service enhances rail vehicle availability while significantly reducing CO2 emissions by over 95% and conserving energy and water consumption.

    Schaeffler's approach combines bearing reconditioning with advanced data exchange and digital twin technology, enabling environmentally sustainable operations. The unique data matrix code plays a crucial role in digitized condition-based maintenance, ensuring optimal safety and reliability for rail systems.

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Technology & Innovation

The Schaeffler Group's technology magazine "tomorrow - Experiencing Technology with Schaeffler" provides access to all the most recent technological news for clients, partners, and suppliers. 

With its products and system solutions for the automotive and industrial markets, Schaeffler is assisting in the development of innovative, sustainable transportation solutions for the future.

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The power to shape the future of technology

You may know little about us, but chances are that you have used our products and solutions directly or indirectly. We play a crucial role in enhancing how the world moves and stays in motion, and our solutions are designed to improve various aspects of mobility.

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Your partner in mobility and motion

We are a global company with a local presence committed to transform mobility and motion. With over 40 locations in Asia Pacific, we collaborate with our customers, partners, and society at large to shape the future of mobility and motion. Catch a glimpse of our innovation-driven world.

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