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Schaeffler Xtra3 Multipurpose Premium Grease Lubricant

German Excellence Made in India

Schaeffler Xtra3 Premium Grease - German Excellence Made in India

Powered with advanced R&D and tested to extremes, the all new Schaeffler Xtra3 Multipurpose Premium Grease is ideal for application in Indian operating conditions.

Its specialized formula delivers the guarantee of reliability, stability and superiority even in the most demanding conditions. Characterized by excellent water-resistance, excellent corrosion-resistance, low-evaporation, and a wide functional temperature range (-10 to 110℃), the Xtra3 Multipupose Premium Grease is designed for high performance across every possible bearing application – be it Industrial or Automotive!!!.

Proven performance across a wide range of automotive and industrial applications

Schaeffler Xtra Premium Grease has a wide range of Automotive and Industrial applications

Schaeffler multipurpose premium grease is a high performance product scientifically engineered to meet and exceed the demanding requirements for applications at extreme temperatures.The balanced formulation makes it the preferred choice of grease across a wide range of Automotive and Industrial applications.


Construction Machinary

Two - Wheelers


Industrial fans

Complete value for money

  • Longer Service Life
  • Higher Reliability
  • Longer Re-Greasing Interval
  • Superior Corrosion Protection
  • Excellent Stuctural Stability
  • Superior Thermal and Oxidation Stability

Value for money, Reliablity,Longer service life are some of the features and benefits of Schaeffler Xtra Premium Grease

Guaranteed reliability, stability and superiority for demanding Indian conditions

FAG FE8 Test (DIN 51819) - Service Life at realistic operating conditions

Tested extensively under the harshest conditions at Schaeffler lab in Germany

FAG FE9 Test (DIN 58121) - Service Life at Upper Limit Temperature

Tested in Schaeffler laboratory in Germany at a maximum operating

MRP (Rs)
100 G
200 G
500 G
1 KG
2 KG
3 KG
5 KG
20 KG
**Also available in 7 KG & 180 KG pack sizes
Price available on request

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