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Greater Accountability is Great for Business

Robust corporate governance is key to ensuring sustainable value creation and maintaining the hard earned trust of our stakeholders – both institutional and societal.

At Schaeffler India a strong sense of responsibility underlines Corporate Governance across the leadership board. Effective collaboration between Management Board and Supervisory Board along with openness and transparency in corporate and financial communications are essential elements of our Corporate Governance.

The Company is committed to maintain high standards and continues to practise good Corporate Governance. The core principles of Corporate Governance are: (A) Lay emphasis on Integrity and Accountability, (B) Incorporate several practices aimed at a high level of business ethics and effective supervision and (C) Provide for enhancement of value for all stakeholders. Schaeffler India's Corporate Governance conforms to all regulatory and legal requirements. The basic philosophy behind an endeavour towards better Corporate Governance is to achieve business excellence.

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