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All About Linear Motion Systems

Linear motion is a one-dimensional motion along a straight line, and thus the linear motion bearing or slide concept is evolves that provide free motion in one dimension. The linear motion is supported by Linear Guidance Systems that consist of blocks and rails that help support the motion in all applications. These systems are very common in measurement applications, optical industry and electronic industry where mechanical systems are required for special purposes.

Schaeffler offers ready-to-fit with precise specification INA Monorail Guidance System for applications with long, unlimited stroke length, high-load carrying capacity and rigidity with high running and positional accuracy as well as low friction.

Compact and Complete Linear Guidance Systems Having High Rigidity and Load Carrying Capacity

INA Monorail Guidance Systems are compact linear guidance systems that are supplied as standard with high rigidity and load carrying capacity as a complete package. They can support forces from all directions, apart from the direction of motion, as well as movements about all axis. It can be supplied in various accuracies and preload classes. As a result, they are also suitable for applications with high guidance and positioning requirements.

In most series, the carriages and guideways can be used in any combination within the same accuracy class. This gives a high degree of design flexibility with simplified fitting and reduced stockholding costs. In order to reduce maintenance costs, the linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies have a lubricant reservoir. As a result, they are low-maintenance for many applications.

Applications That Use Monorial Guidance System

Wide range of applications include Printing Machinery, Medical Equipment, Food Processing and Packaging, Textile Machinery, Machine Tools, Woodworking Machinary, Rubber and Plastics, Assembly and Parts Handling, Industrial Robots and Power Tools, Productronics.

Printing Machinery

High-precision and wear-free bearing support for print rollers has everything to do with producing high-resolution printed images. For decades, the Schaeffler Group has been specializing in all applications in this segment with its INA and FAG brands and is therefore the global leader in technology and market shares for printing machines.

Medical Equipment

Reliable and efficient bearing support for moving machine parts – that has been our expertise for more than 100 years. As far as movement in medical technology is concerned, we are both a development partner and a reliable supplier, providing our customers with harmonized system solutions.


Perfect movement sequences depend on having just the right bearing arrangement. This is particularly important for highly precise, rapidly repeated work and here is when electronic production steps in, which is why it is absolutely essential for you to bring in an expert

Food Processing and Packaging

Schaeffler bearing solutions can be used in all types of packaging machines, filling lines, automatic baking ovens, and other food and packaging industry machines.

Textile Machinery

Schaeffler’s innovative products and system solutions sustainably increase machine output while simultaneously reducing the costs – whether in spinning mill preparation, thread production, fabric production, finishing, or assembly.

Industrial Robots or Power Tools

Linear robots with multi-joint assemblies have high levels of repeatability that simulates the movement of human arms which make them most productive in mundane, repetitive tasks. They’re especially well equipped to perform in environments where parts can be presented in a highly consistent, reliable manner. Schaeffer products offers to these joints sections a high swing accuracy and high rigidity ensuring that sudden stops do not put them off-track.

Woodworking Machinery

Schaeffler’s solution for harsh environment application of woodworking industry used to automatically create mill notch in heavy logs used in prefabricated log homes, automated multi-head drilling machine drills, multi-lateral drill press table that pre-drills sections for mounting door hardware and CNC Router & Lethe machines.

Machine Tools

Schaeffler’s INA and FAG brand products in the bearing arrangements of rotary tables, feed spindles, main spindles, and linear axes have been world leaders for many decades. Precise and durable, low-maintenance and immediately ready to install at Automotive, Auto component industry, Agri machinery and Consumer Goods industries.

Assembly and Parts Handling

Efficiency is measured in terms of productivity, reliability, performance and safety. Schaeffler product support high-volume operations and reduced production time that in return provides immediate savings, by reduction of maintenance costs and increased productivity.

Rubber and Plastics

A range of products to support a variety of machines and equipment’s for the plastics and rubber industry. Application included are injection molding machines, extruders and extrusion lines, blow molding machines handling and automation and thermoforming machines and presses.

Components Of Linear Guideway Assembly

  • Carriages
  • Stainless steel strip
  • Magnets
  • End cap anchors
  • End seal
  • Return guides
  • Rail
  • Grease Fitting

Customization and Supply in Just 1/10th Time at Quick Center in India

Schaeffler now offers ready-to-fit customized linear guides solution as per customer application need in no time. Introducing Quick Center in India where the products are customized and made ready to supply to customers in less stipulated time.

Advantages Of Linear Guideways

  • High positional accuracy
  • Long life with highly accurate motion
  • Attains high speed motion with less driving force
  • Equal loading capacity in all directions
  • Easy installation
  • Easy lubrication
  • Interchangeability

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