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Experience the True Power of Lubricants with Schaeffler TruPower

Schaeffler TruPower offers a comprehensive range of lubricants including Engine Oil, Gear Oil & Transmission Fluid, Grease, Coolant, Hydraulic oil and Shock Absorber oil for all automotive & industrial segments in various convenient sizes. High-tech and premium base oil with enhanced additive technology designed to meet demanding requirements for Indian vehicle parc.


Premium base oil with enhanced additives technology

Comprehensive range across vehicle segments

Future ready oil meets upgraded specification

From Globally trusted brands (LuK, INA, FAG)


Premium performance Petrol & Diesel Engine Oil for Passenger Cars (Including Fully Synthetic Oil and BS-VI engines compatible range)​​​​​​​

As technology is advancing, your car needs upgraded lubricants for better performance. Schaeffler TruPower Engine oil offers more power and higher performance, drive after drive. Our advance additives technology helps to keep your engine cool, enhance fuel efficiency and protects your engine from wear & corrosion. Schaeffler TruPower offers wide range of synthetic and mineral engine oil for new & conventional Petrol, Diesel or CNG/LPG vehicles. ​​​​​​​

Product Variants:

  • 5W-30 SN/CF
  • 5W-40 SN/CF
  • 20W-50 SG/CF4
  • 20W-50 SF


Heavy duty Diesel Engine Oil for Heavy & Light Commercial Vehicles (from BS-I to BS-VI engines)

Schaeffler TruPower heavy duty diesel engine oil are formulated to meet and exceed the performance requirements of many of today’s off-highway engines in all weather conditions. It helps to reduce the total cost of ownership with lower downtime and extended drain interval. Our advance lubricants range includes latest API CK4 specification for BS-VI engines. These high-performance diesel engine oil are best suited for Trucks, Buses, LCV, and SUV vehicles.

Product Variants:

  • ​​​​​​​15W-40 CK4
  • 15W-40 CI4+
  • 15W-40 CH4
  • 15W-40 CF4
  • 20W-40 CF4


High speed 4T Engine Oil for Two-wheelers (from high power to racer bikes)

Every two-wheeler engine is different, which requires specific engine oil for long lasting performance. Schaeffler TruPower advanced four-stroke two-wheeler engine oil provides optimum performance in all type of 4T engines (from mileage to racer engines). It keeps your 4-stroke engines clean and ensures protection even in extreme operating conditions. From synthetic to mineral oil, all grades are well suited to meet today’s new generation ride requirement. It also meets JASO MA2 (JASO T 903) Standards.

Product Variants:

  • 10W-30 SL
  • 10W-40 SN
  • 15W-50 SM
  • 20W-40 SM
  • 20W-40 SL
  • 20W-50 SL


High power Diesel Engine Oil for Farm Tractors

Schaeffler TruPower Tractor diesel engine oil is high quality multigrade oil designed especially for tractors & other agri-machineries, equipped with turbo & non-turbo diesel engines operating under severe torque and load. Our specially formulated additives having extreme pressure properties to support tractors to perform under varied weather conditions and high RPMs. It also ensures excellent wear protection and enhanced engine life.

Product Variants:

  • 20W-40 CF
  • 15W-40 CK4
  • 15W-40 CI4+
  • 15W-40 CH4
  • 15W-40 CF4


Manual & Automatic Gear Oil and Transmission Fluid for extreme pressure requirements

Schaeffler TruPower gear oils and transmission fluids provides extended service life and gear protection operating under varying conditions of speed, load, temperature and torque. It contain extreme pressure (EP) additives and anti-wear additives and offer higher viscosity to protect the gears better. It is designed for longer oil seal life, durability (gear surface life), corrosion protection to yellow metals under both wet and dry conditions.

Product Variants:

Manual Transmission Oil

  • 75W-90 GL4
  • 80W-90 GL4
  • 85W-140 GL4
  • 85W-140 GL5
  • EP-90 GL4
  • EP-140 GL4

Automatic Transmission Oil



Premium long life Multipurpose Automotive Grease (from service life of 40,000 to 120000 kms)

Schaeffler TruPower NLGi-3 is a Lithium base grease, contains additives for extreme pressure, load, temperature and vibration application. It contains anti-wear & corrosion inhibitors for a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications. These specialty greases are developed for long service life ranging from 40000 kms to 120000 kms. Suitable for wide application in antifriction and bearings used in automotives, general machinery & farm equipments.

Product Variants:

  • Multipurpose Grease
  • Life Long Grease
  • Long-Life Heavy-Duty Grease
  • Premium HD Grease


All-weather long-life & premium Glycol concentrate Auto Coolant

Schaeffler TruPower long life and premium auto coolants are specially formulated with Organic Acid Technology (OAT) and Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT). It contains corrosion inhibitor to improve heat dissipation and control the operating temperature of an engine in all weather condition. It also protects engines against corrosion, overheating, frost damage and avoids sludge deposit. Works well in all diesel, petrol and CNG engine cooling systems.

Product Variants:

  • Long Life Auto Coolant (Green)
  • Premium Auto Coolant (Blue)


Lubricant for special applications

Automotive components need various special lubricants to ensure continued performance and process efficiency. Schaeffler TruPower speciality lubricants includes UTTO, fork oil, hydraulic oil and CNG oil. UTTO is premium high-performance tractor oil for transmission, hydraulic and wet brake systems. Fork oil is best in class shock absorber oil for two-wheelers suspension. Hydraulic oil for high-pressure, high-load and heavy-duty operations available in HLP 32, 46, 68 & 100. CNG oil is a premium dual-fuel engine oil for vehicles operating on CNG or LPG with a combination of petrol or diesel fuels.

Product Variants

  • UTTO
  • Fork Oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • CNG Oil

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